A Journey Through the Inward Eye 2014

Solo exhibition at Annamarie M. Andersen Gallery, Zürich

The Artist of the Water 


Andrea Bátorfi is engaged in the process of the never ending change, the dissolution of the old and the emergence of the new. The artist discovers a new dimension of water as a metaphor for the stream of life.

Andrea Bátorfi for over ten years has been tracing with her camera the ever changing forms of water, the motives in nature with the change of seasons and the influence of sun, light and wind. She transforms these series of photographies with artistic invention. Bátorfi plays with the mirroring, the flow and streaming, by giving new dimensions to the pictures through multiple exposure, cutting, moving and overlaying. In 2010 the intensive work with water as the metaphor for the origin of all things resulted in the series Unfolding. This is a sequence of multiple exposure photo-prints in which the light sparkling in the surface of water adopts a spiritual quality. The next series Passion for Change (2011) contains dynamic works with a pure yet spontaneous expression. The artist, now more frequently in Switzerland, discovers the overpowering physical force of waterfalls: in the series Swiss Flow (2013-2014) she creates vital works of liberating boundlessness.

Text by Annamarie M. Andersen

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