Passion for Change (excerpt) 2011-2012

a single channel video, 03:26

Passion for Change

The vortex that conducts the sweeping work of transformation


Passion for Change tells the story of a dramatic transformation carried out by a sweeping force, which takes place continuously both deep within the soul and within the space of communal events. In the film an irresistible vortex conducts the sweeping work of change in front of our eyes. The vortex is the embodiment of the intelligent force that can be detected at the core of life processes, its aim is to break down every old structure into its components and their dissolution. What remains in place of the material form is a mysteriously dense, yet clear, resplendent space, a new world of possibilities and birth, where the only perceptible reality that remains is the moving force.

Animator: Balázs Fekti

Film score composer: Bálint Bolcsó

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