Andrea Bátorfi: Unfolding (excerpt) 2010

a single channel video, 09:17

Unfolding, the art video

A messenger from another world


The Unfolding film is a messenger from an expanded reality. Through a series of successive gates opening and veils lifted, it points out the way towards new internal dimensions saturated with light and delicate energies, expressing faith in the possibility of creating the earthly Eden within ourselves.

The video is the result of linking 28 photo-graphics with the help of computer animation. In the individual graphics four or five layers intertwine with each other and merge seamlessly, making visible the other layers of reality dimly perceptible behind the tangible world of natural facts. In the film the frames fading into each other reinforce the perception of these invisible layers of reality. The morphing of two frames into each other takes place through the innumerable transparent phases of the transition between the two images. The images, which already have multiple layers and are built on transparency, dissolve into additional layers during the transitional phases of motion, creating abstract light-spaces that continuously expand into each other. This way, the levels of experience in perception are multiplied. The projected, large size allows the visitor to enter these ceaselessly opening light-spaces and to melt into them.

We recorded the material for the music of the film on the same location where the individual photo-graphics were taken: the dull noise of the Danube waves, the creaking of steps on the gravel and in the snow, the rare melodies of birdsong in February and the constant murmur of the city in the background. The music accompanying the film was born from the dissection of this natural noise-material into layers, its transformation and reconstruction into dynamically changing voice-spaces.

Animator: Attila Róth

Film score composer: Bálint Bolcsó

The film was made at Kedd Animation Studio, Budapest

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